About Osprey Marketing

Why Us?

From our first visit to assess your requirements to operating an ongoing marketing solution, our focus is maintained on your business and your customers. Marketing is similar to most other functions in business, it takes time, effort and skills to achieve successful results, often just like other areas you need to call on the specialist skills and capabilities of a company experienced in the new fast moving mediums, a company like us.

Why outsource to us?

  1. We look at your business with a fresh pair of eyes
  2. We are not involved in internal politics and can give an unbiased opinion
  3. We specialise in this business and keep up to date with the latest methods and techniques
  4. We look at websites and marketing material from a buyers perspective and cater for all proficiencies
  5. We have the TIME. We don't have a "we'll get around to it" approach. We work to schedules.

Osprey Marketing - Leading in Web Performance Engineering

Combining our many years of conventional marketing experiences with the latest internet techniques we have formed in to a specialist company offering affordable solutions to increase your business by using the latest and proven online(internet) & offline (non web) services.

Our aim is to build long term relationships with our clients through success and service. It is our policy to act in a professional manner in all aspects of our business, our clients have our assurance that all our work is carried out under strict control, we do not employ unethical practices and will not take on new companies who are competing with our existing clients.

Call us now to discuss what we can do for your business 01 305 78 78 95