Internet Marketing

Our successful format built over 12 years of website marketing is to commence with a visit to a potential client to assess their requirements, understand their products and formulate a strategy to achieve the required results within the budget allocated – get involved, get down on the shop floor of the business – we need to understand your business to help develop it.

With the continuing fast paced evolution of marketing on the Internet it is essential to ensure that the maximum effectiveness is gained using the budget available usually combining online with offline functions to form an effective strategy and a programme that will give results.

A combination of some of our comprehensive range of services below will give the desired results – call us to arrange a visit, the first step to increasing your business.


What is your site for – Generate leads, take orders online, announce new products or services – most likely a combination of all of these – does it, clearly, in a way a new visitor understands or a returning visitor can get what they want quickly?

Why doesn’t it achieve the business you expect? if not why not?

These and many more questions need to be considered. We can discuss and advise on a Marketing strategy for your business incorporating our experience and capabilities within a pre determined budget, your budget.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)


The art and science, and it has become a science of keeping up with the most effective methods of obtaining high positions in the organic search areas of search engines and applying them to our clients websites has become a prerequisite of OnLine success.

Gone are the days, sadly, of throwing some strategic Key Words in the site and up we pop at No 1, now with the millions of sites out there competing with each other it is a far more involved process.

All aspects of this complex and most important area of increasing business are offered. The Optimisation part of our process includes, assessment of your current rankings and those of your competitors, Keyword / Key phrase analysis, customisation for optimum ranking on major Search Engines, predetermined monitoring and reporting programme.

When the site is optimised we then undertake a structured Submission process with ongoing analysis and maintenance.

Pay Per Click (PPC)

For a very efficient way of driving traffic quickly to your site a PPC campaign is worth evaluating. Strategies and cost examples would be researched and reported.

The principal advantage of using PPC’s is they can be modified in many ways very quickly, balancing results achieved to budget, this a service we have become very proficient at and offer our clients the benefits of our experience.

We currently manage many campaigns for our clients to a monthly budget.

Although all the major SE’s offer PPC Google is by far the largest player for more information Google Adwords

Viral Marketing

.A very effective form of web marketing and after initial set up costs, very low on-going expenditure is required. How often have you received a news item, game, joke or useful piece of information and passed it onto a colleague or friend – that’s viral marketing. Effective viral campaigns ensure your message gets passed on and you know who to.

Now with Social Media so prevalent Viral Marketing gives an excellent virtually no cost way of spreading your message.

Affiliate marketing

Affiliate Marketing is an online based marketing practice in which a business rewards one or more affiliates for each visitor or customer brought about by the affiliates marketing efforts, the real beauty of this is that as the supplier you pay on results that you specify.

You don’t pay for advertising, your affiliate does, they send you customers you pay them an agreed commission – so you usually only pay on Sales, although some schemes pay for introductions – your choice your business and so is the amount of commission you agree (and not all affiliates have to be equal – reward the workers!) of course the higher % you offer the harder they work


A very effective way, providing the content is original, of getting noticed with the search engines – they love fresh content and blogs (WebLogs) are the modern way of delivering your news.

Don’t be tempted to recirculate others work – unless it is good and relevant to your clients and then credit it’s author and comment on it to include your originality – many thought Blogs a great way for easy fresh content well Mr Search Engine soon rumbled this and it will not help and has the potential to harm your results.

Good fresh content Blogs are a good way of keeping your clients up to date with your business – generally they are not intended as a sales message but creatively written, they are.

Social Media


Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube etc. are all sites where you can build a following to either market to or partner with on collaborative projects.

This method is a low key non sales environment and therefore can take time to see results, don’t be pushy and expect quick returns it is recognised as a slow burn, some say a very slow burn method of marketing but as time is your only cost it is not expensive.

We can advise on the best media to use, how to use it and get you started on a campaign.


RSS Feeds

RSS is a Syndicated feed that deliver News, Information, Results and other topical information to your website. Once set up there is no need for the website owner to do anything – it just arrives. For an example go to go onto the news page, all the information on there is fed directly and is updated automatically.

A good way to get additional content useful to your site visitors but like blogs the SE’s have woken up to the fact it is not you supplying it so it’s value to assist ranking is zero, but worth doing for your followers to keep coming back to your site rather than go elsewhere.

These services have all been thoroughly tested and proven to be successful and legitimate ways of marketing within the major Search Engine guidelines.